Piano Teaching

“Holly is an encouraging, thoughtful, and reliable piano teacher. She is able to simplify complex ideas for me in a way that feeds my desire for learning as an adult novice. I feel uplifted by every session and buoyed by the gradual acquisition of knowledge imparted to me by Holly.” Spencer Darby (professional singer, teacher and beginner-intermediate adult piano student)

“As a beginning student, I struggle with sight reading and keeping time the most. Since I’m interested in playing music with others, this is a discouraging problem. Holly is patient with her explanations and in her accompaniment. She has a thorough understanding of music, and a passionate and intuitive way of playing. Not only does she bring these things in her teaching, she does it in an engaging way. I find her lessons fun and rewarding, and they motivate me to practice seriously and often.” Tanya Thaweeskulchai (adult beginner)


Essay coaching

“Holly Champion is an excellent teacher and very good communicator, conveying abstract academic thinking into easy and digestible segments making her an excellent coach for high school, undergraduate and postgraduate research writing alike. After spending one afternoon with me coaching me on the expectations of academic writing, she has transformed by Sydney University postgraduate thesis into something that has now received a great response from my supervisor. With her years of training while writing her own PhD, she has accumulated vast amounts of knowledge about academic documents and how to present an argument and argue logically point by point and make sure all points are directly relevant.”  Keyna Wilkins (composer, piano and flute performer & teacher)

Piano Performance

“Holly Champion has been a fantastic musician to work with. She learns her part accurately and plays very well. She also has good instinct for synthesizing ideas and making projects happen.” Keyna Wilkins (composer, piano and flute performer & teacher)

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