“Sempre Libera” (2015)

Opera done differently…

“Sempre Libera” was proudly presented in May 2015 by Shh Centre 4 Hybrid Arts for the Parramatta Anywhere Festival

Watch the final aria here (approx. 2 min)

A cynical and cheeky post-operatic version of Act I of Verdi’s classic opera La Traviata… mashed up with jazz standards, guitar/percussion improvisation, something very familiar from the millennials’ childhoods, and of course metal.








Above: Sarah Toth (Violetta) and Damien Noyce (Alfredo) in rehearsal

Watch the full video here (approx. 30 min)


DirectION: Michal Imielski

Music Direction + Keys: Holly Champion

choreography: Cloe Fournier

Violetta: Sarah Toth (soprano)

Alfredo: Damien Noyce (tenor)

Guitar + metal vocals: Joss Separovic

Percussion: Kaylie dunstan

Concept by Peter Maple + Michal Imielski

My PhD Thesis – now available

Several years of determined struggle came to an end this year and I was notified that I would receive my PhD in April 2016. Due to my parents being away, I moved the graduation date from June to November. My PhD thesis is now available online via UNSW Library: Dramaturgical Analysis of Opera Performance: Four recent productions of Dido and Aeneas

Thank you to all those who helped me on this long journey!