Handel’s Messiah on Good Friday 2017 at St Andrew’s Cathedral, Sydney

*Note: Due to an unexpected sequence of events, this review was delayed by some weeks. My apologies to those awaiting its publication.

The queue to get into St Andrew’s on this balmy Good Friday evening was so long that it coiled around and around on itself, making finding its end an extremely difficult task. Those crushed in it were mostly over 55, as is generally the case for classical music concerts in Sydney, but all ages were grumbling about the queue, while slight smiles of anticipation lurked around the corners of everyone’s mouths. A Messiah was in the offing, almost exactly 275 years after the work’s London premiere, with four international soloists: Sarah Toth (soprano, USA/Germany), Sally-Anne Russell (mezzo, Australia), Richard Butler (tenor, UK) and Paul Goodwin-Groen (bass, USA). ****

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